Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Dark Ages

Western Culture/Humanities Discussion Board Post.....I think I will elaborate more on this topic.  

Is modern American culture entering into a new “Dark Ages?”  I would have to say, beyond a doubt, “YES!  We most certainly are!”  Just like the Roman “Dark Ages,” this is not about to fix itself over the next five years (or less) as the news keeps saying every evening.  Our defenses have been wounded and are low (911), our economy is failing and in debt, our people are struggling and illness and layoffs are hitting home to everyone. America’s beliefs and values are being shifted, questioned, and tested.  Instead of the church rising up and being an example we are finding them falling into the way of the world and greed from economic pressures.  Our need for God is growing, yet our leaders seem to be closing His door and trying to work this out with their flawed humanistic views, opinions, and small talk.  As the Roman Empire fell, in many ways we are quickly falling (I would almost say we have fallen), and we are on our own trying to find the “human made rope” to pull us back out.  If we look at history and the Bible this is not going to work.

In Mark chapter 15 Jesus is in the Roman Empire talking to its church and Christians.  Jesus tells them that this is not how things are suppose to be.  The way they are doing life and church is wrong.  It is directly related to them not God.  Jesus informs them that there is another way, and He commands them to repent.  They needed to change their direction and way of life.  This was before the “Dark Ages” of the Roman Empire.  They were warned and Jesus offered a way out.  This is true for us.  The prophecies have been told, and we are actively living them out on the negative and sinful side.   I was once told, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatme Gandhi It starts with you, right here, right now.

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