Sunday, October 16, 2011

Telephone Game....How do I know the Bible is Real? Another Theology Thought

Did you ever play the game telephone in school? Maybe you did, but just forgot. It was simple, but a great way to back up my reasons as to why I believe the Bible is the Word of God for this discussion.
Let me explain the game first. Telephone was a game we played in school. There was about 20 kids in my class. The teacher would tell one student a secret in their ear only once. That student would then whisper the secret to another student and so on. Once the last student received the secret they would stand up and repeat the secret to the whole class. As usual it was nothing close to the original secret the teacher told. The point was to demonstrate how much and how fast even a small statement could change as it passed from ear to ear or from mouth to mouth. This is a great illustration and reason why I find the unity of the message from different human sources one of the best arguments that to Bible is the Word of God.

Looking closer at the readings from Dr. Towns this week we learned that " there was approximately 1600s years during which the various authors wrote the books of the Bible." (pg. 8 article Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God) The "Bible was written over 55 generations, yet remains a singular unity." (pg. 8 article Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God) Also, there were at lest 36 to 40 authors which held a "great diversity of occupations." (pg. 8 article Argument that the Bible is the Word of God) These authors were not located in one city, however they were spread out in time and locations, yet there still remains a singular unity/message throughout the Bible.

If you keep in mind the telephone game and how one statement, in one room, over just a few minutes changed and lost it's original idea completely then it would be impossible for the Bible to have been composed with such a unity (given the above mentioned facts of the telephone game) without the guidance of a greater source guiding them from the beginning to the end.

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